Chantal (melody_vanguard) wrote in kotl,

One door closes, and another opens.


Rays of purple light fell through the edge of a clearing, against a forest of lush green trees. In the center stood a small woman, and she gazed thoughtfully at the tips of the trees as she greeted the Goddess Serra. She took a deep breath, and closed her eyes. "I know what I must do," she whispered to herself. She rested on the patch of grass she had used to sleep the night before, and collected her thoughts, reminiscing.

My dream... has given me the answer that I really have known all along. Aloryn has spoken justly to me. I knew I was to have a vision in my sleep, and I found this clearing at the edge of Murkwood so as not to be disturbed. As I fell asleep, I saw my Goddess. I stepped into a mirage of light and heat, and I knew instantly whom I stood before. I recall kneeling before her, and she lifted me and told me of my duties. My time in Murkwood is now finished. I have completed my task. There is peace throughout my kingdom, and prosperity shall follow. A new leader shall rise, my friend, Cyrene, the Bard. I have ruled for many years, and although my body has not aged, my mind has. I am ready for a new path. Aloryn disappeared and I fell into a deep sleep, and I remember only waking at the first signs of dawn.

Melody gathered her belongings and prepared to cast a gate to tell Cyrene of what she must do. But, she hesitated. She took a last glance at the sunrise, and set off into the forest on foot, huffing heavily, but determined to reach the city by noon.
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